Geothermal Decisions

Once property owners decide to take advantage of all the benefits geothermal systems have to offer, the next step is finding a reliable company to install them. It’s important for property owners to find one that has extensive experience with geothermal systems in order to ensure that they are installed correctly.

Property owners can use the following tips on finding the best geothermal professional to install their system:

Make sure the work is guaranteed. Geothermal professionals should guarantee that property owners will save money compared to their current HVAC system or guarantee certain operating costs. A standard equipment warranty will only be useful if the system is designed correctly.

Check references. Geothermal professionals should provide between three and five references. Property owners should call these references and ask if they are satisfied with their system and how the work was done. Geothermal professionals should not be reluctant to provide references or only provide one reference for a client who had a system installed very recently.

Hire geothermal professionals with IGSHPA accreditation. Reliable geothermal professionals belong to the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association, which provides geothermal training. Ideally, geothermal professionals should be certified GeoExchange Designers. This helps guarantee that they will design the system correctly.

Find out how much geothermal work they do. HVAC companies sometimes provide geothermal services, but they do not specialize in designing, installing and maintaining these systems. Property owners should hire geothermal professionals who focus primarily on providing geothermal services.

Finding the best geothermal professional helps ensure that property owners will have a system that is designed the right way, functions properly and requires few, if any, repairs, over the course of its lifetime.

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